Documents Indexing and Archiving Services

Digitizing documents and images is a simple way of creating a more efficient process for accessing and retrieving information, in addition to reducing the space required to store documents. MM Technologies delivers effective indexing and archiving services that can assist your organization in digitizing documents, while ensuring simple archiving, access and retention of data.

Indexing and archiving services from MM Technologies involve receiving unsorted, scattered data from clients, and sorting, organizing and categorizing this into an indexed database. Once this information has been indexed and archived, the process for searching, accessing and retrieving the required information is much simpler – enhancing the productivity of your organization.

We Adapt Our Indexing Services to Cater to the Specific Needs of Your Organization

When performing indexing, MM Technologies can organize your data according to the specific needs of your business. We can extract essential information, such as keywords, document number, titles, invoice number, file name, document date, or any other field you require.

Our services include