As an industry, the real estate sector is exceptionally vulnerable to market fluctuations. Consequently, it is very important for organizations operating within the industry to maintain a high level of productivity, while also enabling cost efficient solutions.

  • Professional Website Development.
  • Live Chat Support for the website
  • Tele marketing Services
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • E mail marketing
  • Market Research Services
  • Social Media Marketing
  1. Telemarketing service: We will reach out the customer on your behalf and generate business leads by finding out the customers interested in selling and purchasing properties.
  2.  E mail Support: We will reach out the customers through e mail and generate the business lead which will help you to get more business and takes care of e mail enquiries.
  3. Social Media Services: We will help you to promote all your services through social media like face book, LinkedIn, twitter.
  4.  Professional Website Development: We will develop and maintain customized website using advanced platform as per the specification of our clients in professional way.
  5.  Chat support: When a customer log into your website, automatically the dedicated staff will communicate with the visitor through the chat box (which we provide on your website) with all the necessary information and he will be routed to your company for further proceedings.

1.  Professional Website Development: –

2. Live Chat Support for website and Facebook Marketing : –          59 pounds per month

3E mail Marketing and Support:-                                                                59 pounds per month

4. SEO for website:-                                                                                     159 pounds per month

5. Telemarketing Service:-                                                                              3 pounds per hour

6. Transcription Services:-