Data Entry Pricing at MM Technologies

We offer high quality and accurate data entry services with minimal turnaround times, at competitive prices, to ensure that our customers are able to drive their business efficiency while achieving significant cost-reductions. Our data entry services include data entry, data capture, data mining and extraction, image data entry, forms processing, data conversion and others.

We offer flexible pricing packages based on the kind of services you want to outsource as well as based on your budget and other considerations.

Some of the factors we will take into consideration while designing pricing packages include time and duration of the project, amount of work and amount of support required, complexity of the project, kind of skill set required, technologies to be used.

Our data entry pricing / data entry costing model


The client pays only when transactions are executed as per the business requirement.


The client pays for the number of hours used for completing the project. This will be customized as per client needs.

Pay-per-employee or Pay-per-dedicated resource

This scheme allows you to obtain the services of a full time data entry professional for the extent of the project.